Cartoon collaboration: when beauty meets fun

Cartoon collaboration: when beauty meets fun

It goes without saying that there’s an inner child in every adult. Things that remind you of sweet, sweet childhood, when all you cared about was which flavour candy to choose, bring back nostalgic memories. I guess no matter how old you are, the ‘cute’ factor never dies, especially if they’re done in a subtle way that makes you seem cool instead of borderline paedophile/crazy.


Last year, many beauty brands decided to work together with cartoon characters to create these uber-cute collections that had us willingly throwing our money at them. If you’re lucky, you might still be able to find them at the brands’ respective outlets or Sephora, or shop for them online (the internet is particularly resourceful). Here are some of our favourites:


Tonymoly X Pokemon


Korean brand Tonymoly’s collaboration with Pokemon is quite extensive, really – it spans makeup, skincare, nail and bodycare products, making it one of the biggest beauty-cartoon collaborations we’ve seen so far. From lip tints to hand creams to sheet masks and even nail decals, if you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ll definitely want to ‘catch them all’.


shu uemura X Takashi Murakami


Takashi Murakami is no stranger to the art scene. Best known for his illustrations of multi-coloured flowers with smiley faces, his work is fun, bright and psychedelic. shu uemura’s Holiday 2016 collection featured some of the brand’s all-time bestsellers like the Cleansing Oil and Rouge Unlimited in limited-edition packaging, and not forgetting shu uemura’s annual collector’s item, the Eye and Cheek Palette, which houses 7 eyeshadows and 1 cheek colour.


3CE X Barbapapa


Barbapapa is a cute little blob that can shapeshift. His creation was inspired by cotton candy, hence his pink, round shape. Stylenanda’s beauty brand, 3CE, released an entire line of products with baby pink packaging, a fresh change from its usually black, edgy image. The collection is still available at Sephora, and features softer, more natural shades like peach, light brown and soft nude.


Missha X LINE


Who would have ever thought that the characters of a mobile app would have so much success? LINE friends (the official name of the app’s characters) have made their way into everyone’s hearts, showing up on Uniqlo tees, Muurla homeware and now, Missha cosmetics. Missha is relatively low-profile in Malaysia, having stiff competition with its younger-skewed and more affordable counterparts like Etude House, innisfree and The Face Shop. But its LINE collaboration is worth a second look, especially the Matte Lip Rouge.


Holika Holika X Gudetama


Also known as ‘lazy egg’, Gudetama is Sanrio’s most unexpectedly popular mascot, with a bevy of obsessed fans all around the world (yours truly included). He’s the epitome of kimokawaii (a Japanese word that is used to explain cute but gross things), but there’s no denying his cuteness. Holika Holika’s Gudetama collaboration does justice to the lazy egg’s character, with his face plastered across all its products in true Gudetama fashion.


Code X Moomin


What’s a Moomin? I asked myself the same question when I first saw the characters. They look like standing, walking hippos, but white in colour. Moomin might not be popular in Malaysia, but in Finland, where they come from, there’s even a Moominworld, a theme park not unlike Japan’s Ghibli Museum, only a bit creepier. That being said, Moomin is really cute, especially when decked out in pastel shades in this collaboration with Korean brand Code.


Lapcos X Peanuts


Lapcos stands for ‘Los Angeles Project Cosmetics’, but it hails from Korea. It’s actually a sub-brand from LAP Korea, which carries a huge range of products, from clothes to bags to accessories. Lapcos’ packaging is pretty cool; they use a lot of industrial-looking details. In line with their mod image, their Peanuts collab is also more grown-up, doing away with too-bright colours, allowing Snoopy to take on a more French-inspired look with tones of black, white and red in the packaging.


DHC X Disney Princesses

Finally, a brand that isn’t from Korea. DHC is one of Japan’s most well-known brands because of its supplements. Maybe they’re not so much known for their cosmetics (at least not here, anyway), but the DHC Lip Cream has achieved Holy Grail status as a must-buy item on every beauty lover’s list when they visit Japan. Instead of getting the normal ones with boring packaging, now you can be part of the Disney Princess entourage with these beautifully-illustrated Lip Creams.


(Images: from respective brands)


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