Unconventionally inspiring: celebrities I look up to as role models

Unconventionally inspiring: celebrities I look up to as role models

As 2017 creeps up on us, I sometimes think of how quickly the year has passed. There have been ups and downs, and I often wonder, if I could turn back time, is there anything I would have done differently?


Yes, and no. I might not have needed that extra slice of cake, or that extra scoop of ice cream. But I’m also adamantly unapologetic about most of the things I’ve said or done this year. I worked hard, I didn’t get into any trouble, and I maintained my friendships with friends I hold dear to me.


Today, I wanted to share a few celebrities whom I look up to as role models. Not everybody likes them, and some might even hate them, but they’ve taught me some important lessons in life that I try to stick to and become a better person.


Dwayne Johnson a.ka. The Rock


I follow Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram quite religiously (hur), and he’s always working. He’s disciplined. He never lazes around. He works out every day. He’s shooting movies back to back. And he still finds time to please his fans. The Rock has certainly come a long way since his WWF days, progressing from kiddie movie actor with bad lines, to one of Hollywood’s highest-paid stars with a string of blockbuster movies under his well-defined muscular arm.


Dwayne Johnson taught me to hustle hard and be the hardest worker in the room. It doesn’t matter if you’re less privileged or less skilled; all you need to do is push your own limits and do your best every single time. It’s a simple motto, but an effective one.


Miley Cyrus


Back in 2013 when child star Miley Cyrus went rogue on stage at the MTV VMA Awards and fondled herself with a giant foam hand, the world threw a shi*tfit. “How dare she!?” “Look what Hannah Montana is like now!” they said. I wasn’t one of them. I’d actually read a couple of interviews that Miley Cyrus had done with some magazines, and she’d always seemed sane. Sane, as in she knew clearly what she wanted, and how she wanted it done. Hannah Montana has always been (and will always be) a stage persona – it’s not a representation of who Miley Cyrus really is, and I think people need to come to terms with it.


Though born into fame (Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is the singer of the well-known country song, Achy Breaky Heart), Miley Cyrus has never shown any signs of brattiness. Eccentric, yes. Loud, yes. Pot-smoking animal lover, yes. But you could never accuse her of being spoilt, cruel or inhumane. Her charity foundation, Happy Hippie Foundation aims to help the LGBTQ community. Pray tell, how many other celebrities have done something like that?


Miley Cyrus taught me that you don’t have to get everyone to like you. Just keep doing what you like, and be the person you want to be, not the person you’re expected to be. Real friends see the real you beneath the funky clothes and the weird hair, and you know that they’re keepers.


Leng Yein


I’m not gonna lie; I actually admire Leng Yein. She might have had more than one failed romantic relationship, but we’re all human and in no position to judge her. I know normal people who have had more dramatic love lives than her – just because she’s in the public eye and chooses to broadcast her affection, it doesn’t mean that she’s a bad person, no?


Many people I’ve talked to dislike Leng Yein for one sole reason: that she’s a plastic surgery baby (or b*tch, if you will). Nobody has mentioned anything about her personality, her work, her job, etc. And when I ask them, they’re like, “Who cares? She does plastic surgery!” You tell me, who’s being ignorant here? While people around the world are trying to spread love for all, you’re sitting here in the comfort of your own home, judging a woman who makes her own money, gets flown everywhere first-class for work, and still has time to get her nails did.


Let me tell you why I like Leng Yein. She showed me that no matter how famous or successful you become, never forget your roots. She’s always very generous to the people she loves, and often goes out of her way to buy things for them. And like The Rock, she also hustles hard. She’s almost always working, flying off somewhere to deejay at a party, whether in the US, Jakarta or Myanmar. People get jealous of her life, but to me, she deserves her success as a DJ.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!




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