Best toners for women with transitioning skin

Best toners for women with transitioning skin

Recently, I came to know about this term, ‘transitioning skin’, through a random video I was watching on YouTube.


For seasonal countries, this usually refers to the changes the skin goes through when seasons change. But for Southeast Asian women, transitioning skin is the period where our skin starts to change after our late 20s, as we progress into our 30s.


At this time, we begin to notice changes in our skin, two of the most apparent being dehydration and dullness. This is when our skin needs that extra boost of nourishment to tide itself through this difficult period, and one of the best ways to help it is to introduce a toner (or more than one, in some cases) into your regime.


Depending on its texture and usage method, different toners provide different benefits, as I’ve split into 3 categories below:


Toners for gentle exfoliation

These light, watery toners can be used with a cotton pad to remove and leftover makeup on skin after cleansing. Choose one that is alcohol-free, fragrance-free and natural. The mild formula hydrates skin as you buff with the cotton pad. Alternatively, a toner that contains gentle exfoliating ingredients also comes in handy if you have sensitive skin and don’t like using cotton pads.



Simple Soothing Facial Toner is infused with multivitamins for a fuss-free, no-frills toning experience. Plus, the price tag is ultra-friendly.



Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner contains real calendula petals and is a treat for tired skin at the end of the day.



SK-II Facial Treatment Essence contains Pitera, a yeast ferment, that acts like a mild exfoliant to reveal brighter, more radiant skin.



Spray toners for convenience

These toning mists can be used two ways – with a cotton pad, or sprayed directly onto skin. The fine mist sinks into skin instantly, even over makeup, and can be stashed in the fridge for a cooling pick-me-up. You can also leave a travel-sized bottle at work to freshen up. Choose one that contains hydrating plant or floral extracts for that added-value benefit.



Murad Hydrating Toner leaves skin refreshed and soft with cucumber and chamomile extracts. It’s also enriched with antioxidants.



Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist smells amazingly natural, unlike some other rose-scented beauty products that border on sickly-sweet.



Toners for deep hydration

Personally, I like to complete my toning regime with a viscous toner (sometimes called a lotion) that is applied to skin with the hands. After my skin is buffed clean with a watery toner, I apply another lotion that’s thicker before following it with my serum. The texture is often akin to snail slime; these toners take a longer time to absorb completely, but make a whole lot of difference to lock in moisture, especially on bad skin days.



Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion contains a mixture of different types of hyaluronic acid to plump up skin. It’s also fragrance-free and colourant-free.




Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion gently ‘cradles’ skin with its viscious formula – a few drops massaged into the face and neck leaves skin prepped for your serum.



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