To lob or not to lob? The good and bad of the year’s most popular hairstyle

To lob or not to lob? The good and bad of the year’s most popular hairstyle

Personally, I think the ‘lob’ is one of the worst-named hairstyles ever. It doesn’t make me feel pretty, and I feel like an idiot saying it.


Lob. (What?)


But there’s no denying that it’s also one of the best hairstyles ever created.


Somehow, the lob manages to do something other hairstyles have gloriously failed to – they seem to look good on everyone, and the variations come far and in between. Basically, no matter your hair type, texture, parting, etc., you’ll find a lob that works for you.


The modern lob is preferably blunt-cut, with just enough volume. It can be styled up or down for formal or casual occasions, and requires minimal maintenance. Here are some of our favourite lobs:


Lucy Hale’s wavy lob


Lucy Hale is 27, but this hairstyle makes her look way younger. Loose waves, which can be achieved with a body perm or a curling iron, help to add bounce to a lob. The messy parting takes away the ‘rigidness’ and also creates the illusion of added volume.


Rita Ora’s sleek lob


Straightened, blow-dried to sleek, shiny perfection, this is a great way to accentuate your hair colour. Unusual hair colours can look a bit ‘try-too-hard’ if the style isn’t right. A sleek lob in a distinctive shade strikes the right balance between trendy and nonchalant.


Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s edgy lob


With a deep side parting and a few tendrils softly curled away from the face, naturally-straight hair gets a boost of extra volume, taking your hairstyle from boring to interesting in minutes. To get Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s full-volume parting, create a parting on the opposite side while hair is still damp.


Emma Stone’s lob with bangs

It’s a brave move to pair a lob with blunt bangs, but if you’re trying to grow out your hair, or if your hair is in a transition funk, this is a great option. If the Cleopatra bob had a cooler younger sister, this would be it.


Emily Blunt’s soft lob

For the woman who’s low-maintenance, a softly-layered lob will have you out the door within the hour after a shower – it basically takes no effort to style. Just finger-comb and let dry, allowing your hair to take on whatever parting it feels like. Effortless.


That being said, on the other side of the coin, there are also some lob haircuts that we feel should be avoided at all costs:


The ultra-shaggy lob


Too much layering takes the modern lob back to the 2000s when the ‘shag’ was in trend (also poorly-named, if you ask me). The goal is to look effortless, not dated.


The overprocessed lob


If you’ve got thick or chemically-processed (fried) hair, proceed with caution. The blunt cut, if done too short, emphasizes the stiffness of your hair, leaving you with limited options on how to style it.


The too-thick lob


Clever, subtly layering is what makes a lob, well, a lob. If the length is too uniform, you’ll end up drowning in a lot of hair, making you look tired and probably resulting in friends asking, “Eh you cut your own hair ah?!”



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