Beauty tips I learned from the experts

Beauty tips I learned from the experts

I confess, I’m a beauty junkie. But there’s still a lot for me to learn, and sometimes the best way to learn is from the experts. Here are some beauty tips I’ve picked up from the gurus (and the internet, of course), which I’ve tried and swear by:


Wayne Goss: How to get perfectly-curled lashes


British makeup artist Wayne Goss knows his stuff. For years, I’d been trying to get a rounded curl, but I always ended up with a hard angle when I curled my lashes. They stood upwards alright, but I wanted something more natural. I found this video while bumming around on YouTube, and his tutorial was simple enough for me to stay interested and actually try it out. I now recommend it to everyone who struggles with getting that perfect curl, and they love it too.



Chizu Saeki: Keep skin clear and hydrated without breaking the bank


At age 73, Japanese beauty guru Chizu Saeki probably has better skin than I do. She’s the creator of the ‘lotion mask’ technique. Her theory is simple: water transfers via osmosis. If you place a damp towel on a piece of paper, the paper will eventually absorb the water and become moist. Similarly, if you place a damp (not dripping wet) cotton pad infused with lotion (or toner) on your face, your skin absorbs it better compared to conventional application methods like dabbing or spraying. Because your cotton wool is already damp, you only need a small amount of lotion. I’ve been doing this for almost 3 months now. It’s economical, and my skin feels cool and supple afterwards.



Niu Er: Never neglect your underarms


When I attended Taiwanese beauty guru Niu Er’s talk some years back, he make a very interesting point about personal hygiene and care. He said that women spend a lot of time on their face and neck, but nobody ever paid attention to their underarms. Niu Er, who is 50 this year by the way (!!!!!!), stressed the importance of caring for underarms to prevent discolouration and dark patches. It’s incredibly simple, actually – after wiping your face with toner, use the same cotton pad to buff your underarms. After applying moisturizer to your face, pat what’s left over on your underarms. And that’s it. Who would have thought?



Bonus: Avoid getting any chemical hair treatments done during your period


Once, I made an appointment for a perm. Before we got started, my hairstylist asked me: “Have you got your period?” I was slightly taken aback, since it was such a personal question. He went on to explain his theory. When you’re menstruating, your body goes through its own version of a ‘detox’ process. Therefore, any foreign matter that enters the body will be expelled. That’s why when you do your hair (colour/perm/straighten) when you’re having your period, the results won’t last that long. He’s quite well-versed in traditional Chinese medicine, and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense, even though I was a woman and knew nothing about this.


I don’t know how true it is, but hey – there’s no harm in knowing and avoiding getting your hair done during your period, eh?




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