Is the ‘cushion makeup’ trend getting a bit out of hand?

Is the ‘cushion makeup’ trend getting a bit out of hand?

When Laneige launched its then-novelty item, the BB Cushion, back in 2012, nobody could have guessed how big the trend would get. Even four years down the road, the market is still saturated with a s**t ton of ‘cushion’ products. Every brand is eager to jump on the bandwagon and get themselves a piece of the ‘cushion’ cake because hey – it’s actually not that hard to convince women to buy things as long as you have pretty packaging and creative marketing strategies.


It’s not just the Korean brands, either. Western brands like Clinique, Dior, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, YSL and more also have come up with their own versions of cushion foundation. If using a cushion foundation isn’t enough, you can get the whole shebang and have a cushion eyeliner, cushion blush and cushion lipcolour too!


Clockwise from top left: Banila Co. Cushion Gel Eyeliner, Music Flower Delicate Cushion Lips, Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil, Laneige BB Cushion



Why do I need a cushion-thingy for my face?

Cushion makeup products claim to be lightweight and offer natural coverage. One of the hot-selling points is that instead of you having to estimate how much product to use, it automatically dispenses the right about of product you need, every single time. It’s also more portable than liquid bottles or jars, which will leak/spill if you travel. You can use it for touch-ups on the go, without worrying about making your skin dry, etc.



But is a cushion-thingy really worth my money?

Personally, I have never felt the need to buy a cushion-thingy, mainly because of the following reasons:


1. The BB cushion is more expensive than other types of foundations

Take Clinique’s BB Cushion Compact, for example. The refill retails at RM120 for 12g.

Therefore 1g = RM10

However, the Age Defense BB Cream (which comes in a tube) retails at RM125 for 40ml.

Therefore 1ml = RM3.10

If you do the math, you’re actually paying far more for less.


2. It tends to dry up faster compared with tube/bottle products

Many of my friends who’ve used some form of cushion-thingy have said the same thing – they run out of product really fast, because the cushion dries up pretty quickly. Since there isn’t much product to start off anyway, regular use will see you frequently opening the compact, which exposes the entire surface area to air, as opposed to airtight bottles or tubes, where the opening is tiny and air doesn’t enter the product.


3. It feels more like a gimmick than an actual useful product feature

OK, you might argue that the cushion-thingy is easier to carry around, but isn’t a tube more space-saving? Isn’t a conventional compact slimmer than a cushion compact? Almost all of the cushion compacts I’ve seen are quite bulky, having to take into account the space for the cushion, and also the airtight lid and separator for the applicator etc. If you’re used to applying foundation/makeup with your hands, or if you use tools like brushes or sponges, chances are you’re not going to be blown away by the ‘magic’ of a cushion product. The hygiene factor is also another thing – touching up with the applicator transfers all the grime and bacteria on your face into the product, which is essentially still liquid-based, no?



So, is a cushion-thingy worth the hype?

No, not if your makeup skills have advanced beyond using the tiny applicators that come with your eyeshadows/blushers. Cushion makeup products are best for beginners, because they offer a smaller, more controllable amount of coverage that won’t go too wrong no matter how you do it.


But if you’re a seasoned makeup user who prefers to stick to your own tried-and-tested tools, I’d say you’re not missing out on much.


What say you?


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