My current beauty favourites (2016 edition)

My current beauty favourites (2016 edition)

This year, my beauty routine has seen its fair share of ups and downs. I guess that’s life. Haha. But I’ve also been lucky enough to come across a few products that look like they’re real keepers, and hopefully I’ll have enough discipline to stick to the ones that I know will work for me, instead of blowing money on crap products that don’t help my skin.



Murad Refreshing Cleanser


I’d been using a hydrating foaming cleanser from another brand for some time, together with matching face oil and gel cream. I suspect the face oil was too rich for me, and it started breaking me out, but weirdly enough only on my forehead. Since I do my facials regularly at Murad, I signed up for a package and got this cleanser for free. It works surprisingly well; it’s milder than the hydrating foaming cleanser and the foam is ultra-fine. My face doesn’t feel tight after I cleanse, and I really like the scent. The name doesn’t lie, it’s a really refreshing cleanser. The tube is huge, too, btw – 200ml will last me till oblivion I reckon.



The Saem Harakeke Cream EX


I bought this because the one I originally wanted (Harakeke Root Cream) was out of stock. This was after I realized I needed to fix my forehead breakouts ASAP and was looking for a more economical alternative to switch to. The Harakeke Toner is great on my skin, but the Internet is always raving about it so I wanted to show my love for this unsung hero. There are quite a number of moisturisers under the Harakeke Line – Emulsion, Fresh Cream, Cream EX and Root Cream. Even though the Cream EX appears thick and creamy, its feels more like a lightweight cream on my skin. I warm a small amount between my fingers to emulsify it, and smooth over my face, which doesn’t grease up too scarily afterwards. One month in, and I’ve already ordered myself a new jar on standby from The Saem Malaysia’s FB page. That’s how much I like it.



Banobagi Vita Genic Jelly Mask


I saw a beauty blogger I follow on IG raving about this jelly mask, and the best part about the mask was that instead of the watery essence that you find in usual sheet masks, this one is infused with jelly, so it doesn’t drip everywhere. I bought two boxes online, and true enough, even after taking th mask out of its packet, there’s still a lot of leftover jelly (gel) inside, which allowed me to stretch my mask application for twice the duration I usually leave it on. It gets a bit sticky after that, but I usually mask before I shower, so that’s ok for me. My skin looks brighter, and more moisturized. This is great for travelling as a nice way to end the day.



L’Oreal CC Balm Genius


One of my favourite lip products, possibly ever. I bought it because I ran out of my favourite burgundy shade of lipstick and realized that for the price (RM23.90), it really is a good product. Okay, except the slightly overpowering flowery scent, but I’m willing to overlook it. It applies like a balm, but shows up as a lipstick. Definitely not the type of vaguely-coloured, cincai lipbalms masquerading as lip tints. The finish is quite glossy, so I sometimes blot with tissue for a semi-matte look. Still, my lips stay moisturised all day long and the colour’s lasting power is not too shabby either.



Davines OI All In One Milk


My hairstylist friend recommended this to me after hearing my woes about not being able to find a serum that wouldn’t weigh down my hair/make my scalp itch. My scalp is pretty sensitive – I get itchy patches if I use too much conditioner or serum. And because my hair is fine, I struggle with the issue of volume quite frequently. I need to shampoo every day if I want my hair to look normal (not limp, not oily). If my hair is acting up, I distribute 3 pumps evenly in my palms and smooth it onto the surface. It makes my hair really straight, but since I’m not a fan of stick-straight hair, sometimes it makes my face look bigger because my hair is too straight. But I really, really love the scent (a mix of woody and floral notes) and it doesn’t make my scalp itch, so all’s good.



Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser


This isn’t a new product, but it’s a new discovery for me. I used to buy the dark blue bottle, but sometimes it would leave a greasy film on my skin, which I hated, especially when the weather was hot. I got a tube of the white one recently as a gift, and because it was lying around, I started using it. Compared with the blue one, this is definitely lighter, and though it doesn’t have that classic Nivea scent, the fragrance is softer and more refreshing. Rinsing off is also less of a chore because unlike the blue one which feels like it can’t be completely washed off, this rinses off quite clean. I use it on days when I feel too lazy to stick to my routine of applying moisturiser. It feels like I’m cheating, but my skin still stays soft.


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