Best hairstyles for that annoying growing-out phase

Best hairstyles for that annoying growing-out phase

So you’re trying to grow out your hair. We feel your pain. It gets so annoying when your hair reaches your shoulders and decides to grow in all sorts of directions except straight down. Same goes when you’re trying to grow your bangs out; it seems to take forever and you’re stuck with an awkward length that is bent on making you look like the fugliest woman on earth.


Here are 5 I-can’t-be-bothered hairstyles to disguise the growing-out phase and tide you through.


Baby side braid


It’s the perfect sopan hairstyle for work, don’t you think? Braids never fail to work magic on hair, especially when your bangs are already poking into your eyes.


1. Create a side parting.
2. Starting from the roots, take 1-inch section and braid it.
3. Continue braiding until you reach the ends.
4. Secure with an elastic band.
5. Pin the end of the braid towards the back.


Variation: Grab the rest of your hair into a low side ponytail and tie in place.


Twist-side bun


This is a great way to fake a sexy updo with minimal effort, but the outcome is maximum wow. Also great for attending weddings when your hair isn’t behaving its best.


1. Start with an off-center parting, but keep it slightly messy for a more volumized effect.
2. Backcomb the sides of the hair with a rat-tail comb to pump up the volume.
3. Take one tiny section and twist away from your face.
4. As you move along the hairline, add more hair until you reach the back of the head.
5. Secure with a slim elastic band.
6. Repeat on the other side.
7. Bring all of your hair towards the back and twist into a low bun. Secure with pins or elastic band.


Variation: A high ponytail gives you a younger, fresher image that’s great for weekends.


Topsy Tail ponytail


Remember the plastic loop with a long handle that you pulled through a ponytail? Yep. The Topsy Tail was a hairstyling tool that was ultra-popular in the 1990s. Give it a fresh new outlook with this high ponytail, which can be done even without the Topsy Tail.


1. Backcomb the top part of your hair so that it doesn’t look flat when you tie it up.
2. Gently smooth down and secure into a high ponytail.
3. Tie a coloured elastic two or three inches down.
4. Take the ends and insert it through the center of the section. Tease to even out.
5. Tie another elastic band three inches down and repeat the process.


Tip: It helps to pre-curl your hair before putting it up into a ponytail for extra volume and wavy tendrils.


Headband/high bun combo


Who cares about oily roots/bad bangs/unwashed hair when you can channel a vintage-inspired look with a patterned scarf? That’s right – nobody.


1. Bend forwards and sweep your hair into a super-high ponytail on the top of your crown.
2. Backcomb the lengths and twist the ends around the base of the ponytail to form a large ballerina bun.
3. Pull out a few loose tendrils for a less ‘rigid’ effect.
4. Finish the look by tying a scarf or bandanna around the head, close to the hairline.
5. Secure at the base of the neck with bobby pins to prevent it from slipping off.


Variation: If your hair’s not long enough for a bun, a ponytail or a side braid works too.


Segmented pigtails


If putting your hair up the entire day hurts your scalp and gives you a headache, try this style. Plus, it’s so easy and basically takes less than 2 minutes to do.


1. Divide hair into two even sections on each side.
2. Tie into low pigtails.
3. Add more elastic bands, spacing them out in 1.5- to 2-inch sections.
4. Leave one-third of the ends loose to avoid looking too ‘kiddie’.



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