I did a juice cleanse and I survived.

I did a juice cleanse and I survived.

 I’m not a big fruit eater, and I’m not a huge fan of green veggies except the softer types, like spinach and cabbage. But I love fruit juices, and over the past year, I’ve been steadily contributing a portion of my money to La Juiceria. They make the most consistently best-tasting cold-pressed juices in town, and they’re ever so slightly cheaper than other brands. (Do note that this is my personal opinion, and I was not paid to write this. Ha.)


I recently had an entire free day, so I decided to embark on a one-day juice cleanse because I felt that I needed to see for myself if it worked, and also because my tummy looked kind of bigger than it used to be a few years back and it was making me feel bad about myself.


I normally eat quite healthily during lunch time because I pack my own food to work, but during dinner time I tend to indulge occasionally with fried chicken (yum), sushi (yum) and sometimes pizza (but that’s like a 4-times-a-year thing).


I bought my juice cleanse one day before, and I went for the Custom Cleanse, where I get to choose my own drinks from the pre-set categories. You can also go for the Original or Alternative Cleanse options, where the juices have been selected for you. All three are priced at RM70 per set of 6 juices. The staff on duty was also very helpful as she arranged the juices for me so all I had to do was follow the sequence. She also gave me a leaflet with a cleanse schedule.


(I also did a bit of research on other juice cleanses available both in Malaysia and abroad, and concluded that RM70 is pretty reasonable. The juices come in 350ml bottles. Some juice cleanses in America give you 6 to 7 juices a day, but each bottle is 500ml, which I think is a lot because 350ml fills you up pretty quickly.)


Here is my account of my first juice cleanse.


1030am – I drank my first juice, Goodness Greens (Japanese cucumber, spinach, kale, parsley, celery, apple, lemon). I also refilled the bottle with water and drank that.


1127am – Now I’m drinking more water. I have peed once so far.


1130am – Time for some light exercise.


1230pm – Did some stretching and light weights and it’s now time for my 2nd juice. Mint Lemonade (lemon, mint, wildflower honey, alkaline water).


241pm – Felt a bit hungry so I ate half an avocado with salt and pepper, and half a cucumber with honey.


311pm – Drinking my 3rd juice – Tropical Greens (Kale, spinach, pineapple, apple, ginger, lemon) while thinking of meat. I can’t seem to get the image of a juicy, medium-rare burger out of my mind. Watched a movie to take my mind off it. The green juice is starting to taste a bit boring now.


425pm – Not hungry anymore, but a little sleepy. Not too sure if it’s just because of the dreary weather, or because I haven’t actually had anything substantial to eat except the avocado and cucumber. Have peed twice more since.


428pm – Am drinking more water because I have nothing to do.


Somewhere in between I had my 4th juice, Orange Power (Orange, carrot). I took a short nap.


728pm – On my 5th juice now, Love W (Watermelon, apple beetroot. By far the most enjoyable tasting one of the day. I’ve tried the other juices on separate occasions; as a ‘supplement’ they taste good enough, but today they tasted a bit monotonous. This, however, was great. I still don’t feel any different and I’ve spent the entire day doing nothing constructive. Ahem. I also had half an avocado just for the sake of something savoury.


Went to the toilet once, but nothing out of the ordinary. I expected a lot of toilet time, but surprisingly I didn’t feel any stomach discomfort.


854pm – I’m feeling energetic and motivated, so I turn on my laptop to do some work. I also get distracted and watch a bunch of videos on YouTube. Must remember to drink more water.


946pm – I finished my last juice of the day, Almond Mylk (Almonds, alkaline water, wildflower honey, Himalayan salt, cinnamon), which was also the one drink I was most looking forward to. I drank it without any problems, and now I’m feeling really full. It’s rather surprising that I didn’t feel hungry at all throughout the day, save for lunchtime. Apart from that the process was really smooth, no light-headedness, no dizziness, no lethargy. In fact, I’m still feeling very pumped up.


1225pm – I go to bed at my usual bedtime, despite having been advised to go to bed earlier. I’m a badass.


Post-cleanse thoughts:

Cleanse_1-01 1

It was a new and slightly weird experience to only consume juice throughout the day, but apart from the occasional bout of (real) food craving, I got through the day pretty easily. I didn’t feel extremely hungry, and the next day, my complexion was positively glowing. Probably because I drank so much water. One juice = 350ml, multiply that by 6 and add another 1.5 litres of water minimum = my estimation is that I consumed at least 3.5 litres of fluid. I didn’t experience any stomach discomfort or uncontrollable urge to go to the toilet, but I definitely peed a whole lot more.


Before starting this cleanse, I looked up a lot of reviews on the internet, but almost all of them either failed to mention anything about going to the toilet/purging, or it was very briefly glossed over, you’d imagine it just didn’t happen from reading these reviews.


The next day, I did go to the toilet, but it wasn’t anything life-changing or mind-blowing. If anything, it was less ‘solid’ than usual, maybe because I didn’t have any substantial solid food to eat the previous day.


I also went back to my usual diet after the cleanse. The next day, I tried to go for a healthier option of a vegetarian Bak Kut Teh, but come dinnertime, I was ready for some meat. It wasn’t too hard to opt for less meat during weekdays, though, because I hardly ever cook meat when I bring my lunch to work.


One week in, I’ve noticed that my tummy isn’t as big as it used to be, but when I tried on my skirts/pants, it still felt the same. Overall, I’d say there hasn’t been any huge physical changes. But somehow, it just feels like a good way to reset the body especially if you’ve been bingeing on unhealthy food.


Since a one-day juice cleanse wasn’t as hard as I expected, I’m seriously considering a two-day cleanse in future. Maybe I’ll see more apparent changes next time around.



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