Colour me crazy: makeup looks for the bold-hearted

Colour me crazy: makeup looks for the bold-hearted

Generally, I play really safe when it comes to makeup. Brow pencil, black eyeliner, no eyeshadow, no blush, and lipstick depending on my mood (recently it’s been deep pink or burgundy because my life goal is to become a witch).


I admire women who are brave enough to sport rainbow highlighter and neon eyeliner, and still manage to look good. It’s all about the confidence – if you act like there’s nothing to see over here, people won’t be drawn to that telltale slouch or shifty eyes (which I am guilty of on more than one occasion). If you’re not self-conscious, nobody will take notice.


Here are some of our current favourites, inspired by the runway:


Spider lashes + pale skin + almost-black matte lips


BOOM. Three goth trends combined into one look, and yet it’s so understatedly stylish. The secret lies in near-naked eyelids, accentuated only with lashing upon lashings of mascara to create a clumpy effect. Lips are painted in a blackcurrant shade that borders on black, which creates a beautiful contrast against pale skin.


Two-tone mermaid eyeshadow + dewy skin + nude lips


Shades of the shimmering sea, which transforms colour from aqua blue to seafoam green… this mermaid-esque makeup look stays current with the right technique – application is kept clean, almost like eyeliner that gradually blends outwards seamlessly into skin. Mermaids don’t wear foundation, so a dewy finish adds a lightweight feeling to balance out the heavy eye makeup.


Inverted graphic eyeliner + matte skin + magenta lips


This look is especially impactful on Asian monolids, because there’s no crease to worry about. Black eyeliner rims the lower lashline in an almost haphazard matter, with twin flicks at the outer corner just because you DGAF. The focus is on that perfect pout, filled in with a bright magenta that surprisingly looks good on all skin tones.


Glitter browbone + nude everything else


When you need a unique look that isn’t too complicated, this might just be it. The browbone is accented with iridescent fairy dust in a clean sweep, directly under the eyebrows. Craft glitter is probably your best bet, but make sure it doesn’t get into eyes by using eyelash glue (not craft glue!) as a base. Everything else is kept to a bare minimum.


Painted eye colour + glowing skin + bare lips


Colour is abundant on the runways this year, but used sparingly and cleverly. This look screams ‘art’ ala Lady Gaga’s makeup in Applause, only less ‘GAGA’ and more ‘LADY’. Applied with a brush, liquid eye colour acts like paint, all the way up to the eyebrows in an abstract splash. Skin reflects light in all the right places, making facial features more three-dimensional. Lips are bare, coated only with a hint of lipbalm.


Nature-inspired multicolour eye colour + bold lips


This reminds us of Pocahontas, but a more badass version. Tiny hints of colour are painted onto eyelids, focusing on both inner and outer corners. Go all out and play with your coloured eyeliner and experiment with different designs, from vine-like twirls to block outlines. The more colours, the better! Lips stay bright and relevant with the current favourite matte finish in a bright crimson shade.



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