YouTube binge project: Our fave channels for girls’ stuff

YouTube binge project: Our fave channels for girls’ stuff

I’m a huge YouTube freak. Any free time I have is spent googling for interesting videos and binge-watching until I (kind of) forget everything else. Heck – even my YouTube account has taken the liberty to suggest videos for me, and one seemingly-harmless click usually ends up in me sitting in front of the computer, mesmerised by yet another nonsense video.


Since today is a public holiday, here are some of my favourite channels that do girly stuff like beauty and fashion, with a good dose of humour thrown in:


BuzzFeed Ladylike


Who doesn’t love BuzzFeed? I love how they always emphasise diversity – women come in all shapes and sizes and colours, and it’s okay to be different from everyone else. The core members of Ladylike – Safiya, Jen, Frankie and Chantel, plus a few of their colleagues try out weird/fun/WTF trends that often result in unexpected outcomes. Addictive, and definitely entertaining.

Check out Ladylike here.


Clevver Style Beauty Break

maxresdefault (1)

Lily and Joslyn are as funny as they are natural on camera. From how to take the perfect selfie, to reading mean comments, to getting tipsy and doing each other’s makeup or dabbling in a bit of leg contouring, every episode is hilarious.

Check out Beauty Break here.



maxresdefault (2)

7.6 million subscribers and she’s only 21?! Rachel Levin is popular AF. She talks about life as a student, and also does a lot of videos on beauty as well as sketches and parodies. Despite her fame, she’s pretty down-to-earth and isn’t afraid of making a fool of herself. She’s who I’d want to be if I were still 21.

Check out Rachel’s channel here.



maxresdefault (4)

This beauty guru from Norway is super-creative, and I watched in awe as she created galaxy lipbalms from candy, which is definitely something that I could never do because I have feet for hands. All her videos are very detailed, and you can tell that she puts a whole lot of effort into editing them, because many of them have visual effects and outdoor settings.

Check out Sara’s channel here.


Ingrid Nilsen

maxresdefault (3)

I found her from BuzzFeed (she was in a a Ladylike video) and clicked on her channel, and ended up watching for a good half-hour. She’s so pretty with her wavy hair and elf-like features. I particularly love her beauty hauls and simple recipes, and after seeing her short hair, am also tempted to chop my locks off now.

Check out Ingrid’s channel here.


Nikkie Tutorials


Nikkie – who doesn’t know her? Her transformation video, called ‘The Power of Makeup’, went viral in 2015 after she filmed herself wearing only a half-face of makeup. It showed how makeup could make a big difference, and that you didn’t have to care what other people said as long as you liked what you see in the mirror. Her makeup is always on point, and her tutorials are peppered with funny anecdotes about her life.

Check out Nikkie’s channel here.



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