How do you know it’s time for a skincare overhaul?

How do you know it’s time for a skincare overhaul?

Have you ever experienced this before? You’re a die-hard fan of a particular product. It’s gotten you through bad skin days and helped improve your complexion, and you don’t think you could go one day without using it. Then all of a sudden, one day, it doesn’t work anymore. Your skin hates it (gasp!). You tell yourself it’s a temporary thing, and try to convince yourself to keep using it in the hopes of a miracle. And yet, deep down inside, you know that it’s making your skin worse…


When this happens, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your current skincare regime. There are a lot of factors that might have caused your skin to react negatively towards your favourite product. Ageing, stress, hormone imbalance, weather… all these aspects influence the affinity between skin and product.


So the million-dollar question boils down to… when do you know it’s time to break up (temporarily) with your favourite skincare products?


When you’re about to have your period


According to skin experts, our complexion is dependent on our menstruation cycle. From day 1 to day 14, your skin is more radiant and problem-free because oestrogen levels are higher during this time. However, day 15 is where it all starts to go downhill, which is why you get oilier skin or acne before your period. Trade your usual night cream/face oil in place of something more lightweight, like a gel-cream or gel. An anti-acne spot treatment will also come in handy.


When you’re travelling somewhere with a different climate


If it’s going to be colder, stock up on nourishing skincare products to prevent the cold, dry air from sucking out moisture from your skin. If it’s way hotter where you’re going, switch up your creams for fluid-type moisturisers and serums that sit better on your skin in the heat. If you’re not comfortable with changing all your products, try this: bring your usual skincare products, but pack a kit of sachet/deluxe samples that might come in handy, like a foaming cleanser, face mist and extra-strength sunblock (for hotter places) or a cream mask, face oil and cleansing balm (for colder climates).


When your skin starts acting all funny for no reason


Extreme oiliness, acne, tautness, redness, irritation, flaking… these are some of the warning signs your skin is giving out to tell you that something’s wrong. When this happens, and you don’t know what’s causing the problem, the best thing to do is to take a break from your existing routine and go back to basics. Cleanse, tone and moisturise with unscented products that won’t aggravate the condition further. Do this for two weeks, and slowly ease back into your skincare routine. Don’t try and overcompensate by applying too much products as this will make your complexion react even more.


When your skin loses its natural glow


Even women with the nicest-looking skin face problems once in a while. Don’t be fooled by celebs and models who look like they have flawless skin; it’s often thanks to makeup and photoshop! However, you can try to give your skin a boost with intensive renewal programmes. There are beauty brands in the market that offer products which are to be used continuously for a certain period of time, so that your skin gets a wake-up call after being ‘complacent’ for too long. Try L’Occitane’s 28 Day Divine Renewal Program or the Skin Solution Kit by Alpha-H, which lasts for about a month. After that, you can return to your existing regime. If you’re interested in something more holistic, (article here) talks about a 9-day skin renewal plan that also involves cleansing your soul with yoga, eating clean and having more sex.





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