5 reasons why being petite is awesome

5 reasons why being petite is awesome

I am 152cm tall. I hate bar stools. I hate bag hooks in toilets. I hate the upper racks in clothing stores. I often refer to myself as a midget (without any prejudice towards midgets), because any adult human below 147cm is legally-considered a midget and I am only 5cm taller than that. After I stopped growing taller at 13, I have since realized that most things in the fashion world were created unequal.


I can’t find jeans that crease and fade at the right places. Long tops end somewhere below my ass but way above my knees, making them too long for comfort and too NSFW for public. Any type of bottoms that have embellishments or prints at the end are a no-go.


But it’s not the end of the world. There are perks of being a shortie. To be honest, I never wished I were taller (only except when I’m trying to reach the overhead luggage cabins in a plane). Here’s why I’m perfectly happy with my height, and why you should be, too, if you share my vertically-challenged traits:


Cropped tops fit us like normal baby tees.


I was initially rather against the idea of buying a cropped top because they tend to look a bit too short for comfort on normal women. One day, because I had nothing better to do, I tried one on. I bought 2 cropped tops that day. With cropped tops, I don’t have to worry about tucking in my t-shirts or trying to figure out where all that extra fabric should go. I also don’t have to worry about showing too much midriff, because short torso, y’all. Here’s a tip: now’s the best time to get your hands on a cropped top while they’re still trendy because there are more choices.


Shift dresses and trapeze-cut tunics are the best lazy-day outfits.


A lot of my taller friends (in which case means ‘all of them’ because nobody else in my circle is shorter than I am) don’t like trapeze-cut dresses because they fall extremely short. When they lift their arms, they risk flashing everybody in the vicinity. Smaller women don’t have to worry about showing too much leg because on us, these dresses aren’t as short. On the rare occasion where I buy a shift that’s borderline indecent (note that I’m a rather conservative dresser), I wear safety pants. I have also realized that men’s boxer shorts are the most comfortable because they don’t try to cut off my blood circulation.


Cropped pants that taper at the ends make awesome skinny pants.


I, for one, can never find a pair of work pants that don’t make me look like I’m hiding a weapon underneath all that extra fabric. If it fits around the waist, the leg area is often too long, and if I trim off the excess, I’m left with none of the ‘skinny’ effect. Thankfully, I discovered some time ago that Uniqlo has these super-awesome cropped pants that end right at my ankles, so I don’t have to send anything for alteration and I get to wear fitted pants that flatter my body shape! For comparison’s sake, here’s what it looks like on a normal model. Goodbye, frumpy work outfits.


Slim belts make dresses look more form-fitting.


Because our torsos are shorter, normal dresses tend to fit more loosely around the waist. I’ve given up on drop-waist dresses because the waist really drops beyond my bum. But for everything else, there’s the slim leather belt. I have a collection of ultra-slim belts in basic colours like black, tan and deep brown. If a particular dress looks too baggy, I belt it, especially if it’s the fit-and-flare type, or the ones that have elastic around the middle. You’ll be amazed how much difference a belt can make!


We can fit into kids’ sizes.


Zara, Uniqlo, H&M and many other international apparel brands cater to Caucasian kids, who are often taller than the average Malaysian woman. Short people like us get the advantage of shopping in the adult section and also the children’s section! Not only are kids’ clothes cheaper, they’re also cuter. Think polka dot cardigans, t-shirts with adorable prints, brighter colours and more. Boys’ tees have a nice relaxed fit that’s perfect for days when you just wanna dress down. Now you don’t have to worry about stepping out in the same top as other females, unless they’re below 15…


Here’s something that will make you feel even more empowered about yourself: celebs like Lil Kim (150cm), Ariana Grande (152cm), Kylie Minogue (152cm), Lady Gaga (155cm), and Vanessa Hudgens (155cm) prove that they’re larger than life in terms of star power and personality! Who would’ve guessed?!



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