The types of women your #girlsquad should have

The types of women your #girlsquad should have

Back in high school, my friendship ‘portfolio’ consisted mainly of guys because girls my age were busy pretending to be prim and proper. Like in all clichéd dramas, the popular guy always falls in love with the good girl, so naturally, everyone wanted to be the good girl, regardless of their true personalities.


But as time passed, platonic friendships began to come in second (or third, or any number after 1 million as far as priorities were concerned). Time spent hanging out with the bros became time spent watching them swoon over new girlfriends and eventually, everyone sort of got married and had kids. And that was the end of my short-lived (albeit fun) friendship story.




For many years, I was always under the impression that I got along better with guys because they were less emotional and manipulative. Maybe I was just unlucky enough to be the weird kid who never really got along with a lot of people in school. 13 years after saying goodbye to my high school and 4 jobs later, I’ve finally come to the realization that I now have more female friends.


Some people prefer to hang out with the same group of friends all throughout their life, but my girlfriends come from diverse backgrounds. These are the women I’ve met as I passed each life milestone. I might not remember what I did during those times, but the best thing I’ve gained from my experiences was to have a friend I know I can depend on.




Here are the types of ladies every woman needs in her #girlsquad, though we really can’t beat Tay-tay at this game:


1) The new experience maker

She’s the one with the dream life – she jet-sets around the world, visits exotic places and only eats the best-quality food money can buy. Your lives are polar opposites, and your interests aren’t even the same. But hanging out with her lets you learn something new every time, and she isn’t stingy about taking you on a journey to discover things you never thought possible. She makes you dream big and takes you out of your comfort zone.


2) The childhood buddy

She’s the one who grew up together with you. Life has put a lot of distance in between the two of you, but you know you can always pick up where you left off without that awkward feeling. You don’t see each other often, but when you do, you reminisce and talk about old times, as if you were still in high school, exchanging notes about the boys you fancied. You never have to put on airs when you’re around her, because she’s seen you at your ugliest and she knows all your deepest, darkest secrets.


3) The gossip girl

The Astro of your life who updates you with tasty tidbits about who’s doing what, when and how. Your outings are filled mostly with gossip about mutual acquaintances, and you often compare notes to see who knows the juiciest news. She loves talking, no matter the time of the day. You are her hotline-on-call, and your chats are filled with screenshots of horrendous things you saw on IG or FB about the people you know. She pushes you to be competitive and curious about things around you, and you love her unconditionally. But you’d never tell her things that should remain a secret.


4) The eccentric aunty

She’s the most unconventional friend you have on your list, and you could never see anyone else in your girlsquad getting along with her, because she would just hate them all. She’s seen enough in life to know what she likes, and she isn’t afraid to show it. If she doesn’t like something or someone, you’ll know quickly enough because she won’t keep it under wraps for long. She collects (and hoards) things, and her wardrobe is an eclectic mishmash of strange knick-knacks you have no idea where she got from. She taught you that you can be anything, as long as you set your mind to it. She dresses like aunty, because she’s an aunty-at-heart. She mothers you and you love her for all her weirdness. The bottom line: anything that people like, she doesn’t like. Anything that people don’t like, she loves.


5) The hot babe

Guys fall at her feet and worship the ground she steps on. But she doesn’t seem to know how stunning she is. And that’s not all – she’s even got a wonderfully snarky personality to match, which only emerges when she’s around close friends. You try to make an effort to dress up when you go out with her, because you don’t want to be mistaken for her maid/assistant. She doesn’t put on airs even though she’s pretty, but she’s taught you how to turn on the charm so that life becomes less challenging. After all, if smiles are for free, they should be given out liberally, but only to the right people.


6) The grounded ‘adult’

She has her future planned to perfection. A nice condo. A fancy car. A life insurance. A medical card. She’s basically the Hermione in your life. She doesn’t drink excessively (hur!), and she hasn’t even touched a cigarette in her life (and she refuses to). She’s prim and proper, and she wears Spanx, safety shorts and tube tops to protect her modesty. But she gives damn good advice when it comes to adult things in life, because among all your friends, she’s the most qualified to give it anyway.


7) The ‘man-trapped-in-a-woman’s-body’

She makes crude jokes and has a swear word vocabulary more colourful than your dirtiest-minded buy friend. This girl has not even an ounce of ladylike-ness in her blood, but she knows it and she likes it that way. With her, you can discuss issues without bias, and even though you don’t really see eye to eye on a lot of things, she’s that kind of person who’ll let you rant and then ignore you for the rest of the day. And strangely, that’s okay with you.


8) The wild card

She’s the unpredictable one. You don’t know what she’s going to say or do next, and every time you meet her, she seems to have something new going on. Her life seems to be topsy-turvy, and you wouldn’t trade lives with her, not for anything. She makes you laugh like nobody’s business, but you try to ration the number of times you see her in a year so that she doesn’t suck you into her whirlpool of crazy. But she makes you forget your worries because her life is so dramatic; it could be made into a soap opera.



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