Nail inspo week: 8 best nail artists to stalk on IG for manicure ideas

Nail inspo week: 8 best nail artists to stalk on IG for manicure ideas

Sometimes you just find inspiration in the unlikeliest places. The other day I was flipping through a magazine at a newsstand, and I saw a dish called ‘quinoa lemak with tempe sambal’. It was like the stars had aligned just for me – I had the very ingredients in my fridge, and the moment I got home, I proceeded to experiment.


Thankfully, my quinoa-tempe test run was a success. Probably the best thing I’ve cooked in a long time. That’s why this week’s article is a reminder for everyone out there that ideas strike you when you least expect them to.


I don’t know about you, but I’m always at a dead end when I have my nails done. Whenever the manicurist asks me what I want, my mind just goes completely blank and I stutter, “Uhhhh give me a French manicure”.


So, here are 8 of our top fave accounts on all things nail-related for that ‘eureka’ moment the next time you’re at the manicurist:


Alicia Torello @aliciatnails


Celeb manicurist Alicia Torello is known for her geometric lines and abstract designs in totally adult and work-friendly shades. With the help of some stickers, we reckon some of her nail art can be easily recreated at home. Hoorah!


Madeline Poole @mpnails


As Sally Hansen’s Global Colour Ambassador, Madeline Poole’s work speaks for itself. More along the lines of simple yet stunning, she proves that you don’t need a rainbow on your digits to make a worthy statement.


Jin Soon Choi @jinsoonchoi


Korean manicurist Jin Soon Choi has her own line of spas and nail products in the USA, and her work has graced the pages of hotshot mags like Vogue, InStyle, Allure and Marie Claire. She seems to be a fan of clean, no-fuss manicures with a hint of glam. We like.


Chelsea King @chelseaqueen


Social media queen of nails and blogger Chelsea King has an impressive portfolio despite being just 23. Portals like Refinery29, Popsugar and MTV have featured her work, and we’re fans of how she captures the fun in painting your nails on her IG page.


Tammy Unwin @ohmygoshpolish


If you’re a fan of DIY manicures, it’s time to make Tammy Unwin your go-to nail guru. Each design comes with a useful tutorial video, giving you a closer look at the details. We just wish our hands were as steady as hers when it comes to application. Sigh.


Qui Nail & Eyelash @quinaileyelash


If you’re a fan of muted manicures that are big on detail, you’ll love Qui. Working with a clear base seems to be their strong suit, and the intricate nail art is just so quintessentially Japanese. Our favourite: the 3D quilted manicure for sure!


Taryn Multack @missladyfinger


Self-taught nail artist Taryn Multack spins a unique twist on her nail designs – they’re often inspired by outfits on the runway, putting her fashion design degree to full use! If you’re into fashion, you’ll find mucho inspo on her IG page and her website!


Stephanie Stone @stephstonenails


Whenever you’re feeling a little worse for wear, Stephanie Stone’s nail art will never fail to cheer you up. From oddball characters in Adventure Time to adorable caricatures of Harry Potter and his gang, the only thing you’ll need is a super-talented manicurist to match her skills!


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