Things I did in 2015 that I’m proud of

Things I did in 2015 that I’m proud of

We are 3 more days from saying goodbye to 2015, and I took this opportunity to reflect on the things I’ve done this year. Overall, it has been an okay year for me; nothing major happened, but I enjoyed myself immensely doing little things that made me happy. In retrospect, here are some of the milestones I achieved this year:


I cancelled my gym membership.


I was in a toxic relationship with my gym membership for the longest time. It was like the boyfriend I didn’t love anymore but was too chickenshit to break up with. In order to get to the gym and be at work by 10 meant I had to drag myself out of bed at 5.30am and arrive at 6.30, which was one of hardest things I’ve done because I’m so not a morning person. So I started dreading gym, and on the many occasions that I’d overslept, I eventually gave up trying. I think I averaged 3 visits a month, which wasn’t cheap, considering I paid RM120 per month. I finally mustered up the guts to cancel my membership, and even then I was a bit reluctant because my membership number was really ‘prosperous’: 0128. Blame that on the kiasu Asian in me. I’ve never felt so free in my life.


I got my own personal trainer: YouTube.


Ok, so I might have gained the odd kilo and a half after quitting gym and becoming really lazy for a few months. But hell no, I wasn’t going to go back to the same old routine of fighting my conscience to hit the treadmill. So I got out my yoga mat, bought a pair of weights from Aeon Big and found my very own personal trainer in YouTube. It’s pretty awesome, really – if I like a particular trainer, I stick with her. If the workout is too hard, I find something else that matches my stamina and mood. Basically I’ve got the world’s best (and free!) workouts at my fingertips and I don’t even have to leave my own house. I realized that compared with my non-existent efforts of slogging it away at the gym while falling asleep on the stationary bike, my home workouts produce more results and I sweat so much more.


I started eating healthier food.


I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a healthy eater, but I try to make better food choices nowadays. I eat chia pudding for breakfast (I also went through 3 packs of 500g oats before getting really sick of it), which is a far better choice than fried meehoon or chee cheong fun.  I pack lunches to work, and on weekdays, I try to eat less meat. Of course, I’m still a huge foodie at heart, so on weekends I eat what I want, but in moderation. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I can’t remember the last time I voluntarily ordered fried rice/noodles, and my last fast food meal was probably 3 months ago. I eat more lean meat, wholegrain bread and fish – things I used to hate as a teenager. Age does funny things to you.


I invested in good skincare products.


I used to be the type of person who would scour the shops for cheap skincare products because I’m el cheapo that way. This year, I spent a considerable amount of money on skincare products (more than I’d like to admit), but the results speak for themselves. If I find something that works for my skin, I stick with it. Gone are the days when I would willingly rotate products just for the sake of trying something new. My skincare routine is an arsenal of hypo-allergenic, non-scented, non-coloured products made for sensitive skin. And last month, I actually spent money on *gasp* face oil! I never thought this day would come. Me. Using facial oil at night. The 23-year-old me would have laughed her teeth off.


I spent more money buying better shoes.


If there’s one thing that I truly believe that is worth every Ringgit you spend, it’s shoes. Not fancy heels from atas brands, though, but sensible-as-hell, sturdy shoes. You heard me right. Shoes are the best invention ever. Throughout the entire year, I only wore heels less than 5 times, and every single time, I felt my soul die a little bit when I took an extra step. After much consideration, I bought myself a pair of Converse high tops, and later on, a pair of Superga. The Converse is a cool addition to my wardrobe, but the Superga was by far the best purchase I made this year. Ergonomic shoes make a whole lot of difference, and I could never see myself going back to nasty foot cages disguised as RM29.90 sandals with no arch support and padding. Nope.


I drank less beer and more wine.


I don’t know how significant this is on the list, but I’ve started to appreciate wine more as I grow older. My default go-to drink used to be beer (but never Hoegaarden!) and cider. This year, I found myself beginning to dislike the taste of beer more, and not to mention the calories in each pint (!!!) Wine was a more efficient, more enjoyable way to spend my weekends, and slowly but surely, my disdain for reds faded away. Gin and tonics have gone from being the last choice on my list to a fail-proof option that bartenders will never be able to mess up. Of course, nothing beats cheap cocktails, but my advice is to proceed with caution if the liquors used are of unknown origin, because too much of a cheap thing is never a good thing, as yours truly has experienced first-hand before.


With that, let’s bid adieu to 2015 and welcome the year of the monkey with open arms and bananas.



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