Xmas Beauties – L’ Occitane’s feat. Pierre Herme Perfume

Xmas Beauties – L’ Occitane’s feat. Pierre Herme Perfume

If someone asked me would I want to smell like a macaron, even one as famous as Pierre Herme’s macaron, prior to L’Occitane’s Christmas launch I would have thought them mad, quite mad. And especially if the main notes  would be from rhubard and pamplemousse (grapefruit to most of us). How would two of the tartiest, fruit and vegetable have me smell enthralling, I would not have been able to imagine. But leave it to a French pastry chef, and a very famous one at that, to make it work. And it does. The end result an exotic refreshing smell that really gets your smell buds and tastebuds watering.

loccitane xmasloccitane xmas1


So, this Chritmas, be a little different and a little daring, and wow ’em with your exciting scent. Tantalize the world with  the promise of how delectable  you are.  But fear not, in this Christmas collection if you are not so adventurous, the honey and immortelle range, should be a safe choice.




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