Double-duty beauty saviours to the rescue!

Double-duty beauty saviours to the rescue!

In modern-day, where time is of the essence, nobody has the luxury of spending extra time preening. Ok, I kid – there’s always time, it’s a matter of whether you wake up early enough. I’m usually up by 8am, so I can go about my routine of getting ready.


But on certain days, I open my eyes and it’s 8.45am. I curse myself (and my alarm clock) because I have to be out by 9am so I’m not late for work.


And there’s the issue of travelling. I can’t live without my beauty essentials, but it kinda sucks when my toiletries take up half my luggage space. Because it means I have less room for other more important things like my shoes (and other yet-to-be-purchased goodies).


That’s why recently I’ve been into multi-use products. Nope, not the type that claims they provide all sorts of benefits (like whitening, hydrating, anti-ageing, etc) in one. I’m talking items that serve more than one purpose.


Foundation + concealer

Beyond Perfecting FreshBeige

Ain’t nobody got no time for concealer. I, for one, hate buying concealer – it never matches my skin, and if it covers my zits properly, it makes my undereye area look weirdly yellowish-grey. And it always dries up before I even get around to using half of it. Thank heavens for science, because Clinique’s Beyond Perfection Foundation + Concealer SPF19 PA++ is two products in one bottle.


The angled-tip applicator (it’s like a giant concealer wand, really) makes spot concealing so much easier when you’re in a rush, but in my humble opinion, I prefer to dab a larger amount on the back of my hand and apply it to my face with my fingertips because it feels more hygienic that way.


Moisturiser + massage oil + hair serum

Huiile jojoba 4-01

Made from pure jojoba oil, NOHEM Fabulous Oil is a certified-organic anti-ageing elixir that can be used on the face and body as a daily moisturiser, or as a luxurious massage oil. Nourishing yet non-greasy, women who are thinking of incorporating an oil into their beauty routine will love the texture. The delicate wild orchid scent is a treat for the senses too.


Try the Bamboo Slimming Massage (RM180 for first trial, 90min) at Celebrity Beaute, which uses the Fabulous Oil to promote drainage while the therapist glides a tool made from tightly-knotted bamboo across the skin. This helps to reach the inner tissues, and covers a bigger surface area, which honestly feels amazing. Apart from looking more lifted and toned, skin also feels ultra-smooth and delicately scented after that.


Cheek cream + lip tint



If you thought K-pop domination has died down, think again. YG Entertainment (the company that manages Big Bang and 2NE1) has launched its very own beauty brand, moonshot. Weird, but kinda cool at the same time. And it’s a great business move.


moonshot’s Cream Paint is currently one of the hottest makeup items in town, with 11 shades to choose from. The large finger-shaped applicator (about twice the size of your standard lip tint wand) makes application easier for cheeks. Apart from the safer colours like pink, red and orange, Cream Paint also comes in mint and lilac, which we reckon is more for mixing with other shades. Bonne Mares, a slightly goth-looking plum, seems to be one of the most popular hues.



Shampoo + conditioner


I’ve used a good number of 2-in-1 shampoos in the market, but halfway through the bottle, they always lose their magic. My hair turns limp and greases up really fast. But there’s one exception: Milbon Neu Due Shampoo. There’s no denying the weird name and the even stranger tagline (‘DEESE’S for natural color design’ – WHUTT???), but my hair feels so divine after each shampoo. It’s soft, silky and volumized; yet never frizzy.


Even though it’s not stated anywhere on the bottle that it contains conditioner (and the range also has its own conditioner and treatment), I’ve realized that the shampoo alone is enough to keep my hair moisturized. It’s formulated for coloured and chemically-treated hair, and comes in three types: SilkyLuxe (for fine hair), WillowLuxe (for normal hair) and VelourLuxe (for coarse hair).


Facial cleanser + shampoo + dishwashing soap + laundry detergent (!!!!!!!!)


And that’s not all – Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Castile Soap is also a pet shampoo, bug spray, fruit & veggie rinse, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, shaving cream and more. We’re kind of dumbfounded, but in a good way. It also boasts an impressive resume: it’s biodegradable, made from organic and certified fair trade ingredients, and is mild enough for baby’s fragile skin.


A cult favourite, the liquid soap isn’t available in Malaysia, but can easily be bought online. It packs a myriad of uses in one bottle, though, and comes in yummy scents like Rose, Peppermint, Citrus, Almond and more. The concentrated formula needs to be diluted before you use it, but hey – it’s more bang for your buck (USD6.69 for 237ml)!


(Images:, and respective brands)

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