From dusk till dawn : Alia Bastamam

From dusk till dawn : Alia Bastamam

Local fashion house, Alia Bastamam recently launched its Atelier and Bridal 2015/2016 collection at a romantic showcase at Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur. With the theme of Dusk to Dawn, each collection explores the beautiful contradicting elements of day and night. Dusk is all about the label’s Atelier evening wear in dazzling shimmers against lilac, midnight blue and black while Dawn is the Bridal collection inspired by an old silent dance movie, A Midsummer Night’s Dream in glorious chiffon, tulle and silk.


Alia Bastamam’s creations always have the same powerful yet subtle ring of disco and Studio 54 glamour that make it ultra-sexy and feminine. Not exactly a bad thing as it is not the kind of sexiness that gives away everything. Instead, it lies in the teasing of all the slits and open backs.The highlight of Dawn has got be the racer-back lace cut-outs in some of the dresses which lend youthful edge to the garments.




The peek-a-boo of lace underneath is such a clever way to showcase a little bit of texture to some of the draped dresses. The lace that clings to skin underneath provides the element of surprise while giving an extra layer of coverage. It is a very appropriate design feature especially for wedding dresses which are not supposed to be too revealing.



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Alia’s brand of fluidity in each of the dresses gives movement  and presence that all woman needed whenever they put on a glamorous dress. There is no stiffness and restriction of movement in any of Alia Bastamam’s dresses.


Although not directly stated by the release, this current collection also plays with Indian ethnic inspirations in its draping and styling. There is a Valentino-inspired one-shoulder saree dress which we do not really mind because it is not exactly a carbon copy and made beautifully.

Alia Bastamam is ultimately a designer that has now truly found her footing in the local fashion industry.If the current level of consistency in her collection is maintained, the designer without a doubt will progress much further than what she already reached.

Photos: Alia Bastamam

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