5 ways to be fabulous at a cocktail party

5 ways to be fabulous at a cocktail party

How many invitation for cocktail party have you received so far this year? If you have received at least one consistently every single week, congratulations for being little miss popular. Well popularity aside, cocktail parties for special launches, fashion shows and social gathering requires more than you showing up being the popular person that you are wearing whatever you pleased. It may not be black tie but there are still dress etiquette that you have to stick to. Perhaps not very restrictive but this is not one of those impromptu girls night out in town either.

With that in mind, here are five simple rules of dressing up for a cocktail party.

Cocktail dress. Obviously!


Monique Lhullier Spring 2015

The term “cocktail dress” was first used by Christian Dior back in the late 1940s to refer to early evening wear. Since then, cocktail dress has gone through several different makeovers leading to the current acceptable version spotted by the ladies who lunch of today. Cocktail dress is meant to be short but not skimpy. The safest bet is the LBD but you cannot go wrong with a little bit of detailing like sequins and prints.

Avoid fabrics that are too casual


Alexa Chung in denim

Casual fabrics mean chinos, jersey and denim. Jersey is a little bit too plain and should be reserved for the beach and summer vacation. Denim is just too casual. You wear denim to the supermarket not the cocktail launch party of the latest designer boutique in town. Always remember that cocktail party is always semi-formal which means you can skip the ball gown but at the same time still keep a certain level of dressiness in what you are wearing.

Pant suit is acceptable


Givenchy pre-Fall 2015,

Not exactly the type that you wear on weekdays. Opt for something that gives the idea of formality but does not compromise on femininity. A tailored suit with skinnier silhouette or a print blouse worn underneath will make you stand out among the sea of princess-cut dresses and full skirts. High-heel is always a good idea when it comes to pant suit.



Lanvin Gold-tone crystal bracelet ($550.52)

Go crazy with accessories because you can never go wrong with stacked bangles or gold drop earrings. Even if you have on you simplest pair of LBD, a well-thought accessories will elevate the look to a whole different level. Feeling bold? Wear a gold hair-comb of statement necklace.

Skip the oversized bag


Chanel Ladies-First Plexiglass Minaudiere (price upon request)

Yes you should go big with accessories but when it comes to the bag that you want to carry to the cocktail party, keep it small. A minaudière may seem like a little too ‘Oscar night’ but it actually works. Let’s face it. Do you need the entire content of your usual carry-all for a cocktail party? A compact, lipstick, cash and cards with your phone and keys; that’s all you need. If you are carry a heavy Celine back and your arm is suffering in pain, you have made a really bad decision.

Now, have fun at the party you little Miss Popular!

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