3 of our favorite products for your youthing journey

3 of our favorite products for your youthing journey

I cheered when I read that Sandra Bullock was recently People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman, she is 50 years old. Monica Belluci, at 50 years is the latest and oldest Bond Girl. I also adore their  Asian counterparts like Maggie Cheung (46 years old) and Rosamund Kwan (52 years) who have retained their youthful looks and their young boyfriends. So who says, people in their forties and fifties are over the hill? But it is a fact of life, not just men but even women overlook themselves, especially after they hit their fifties.

Sandra Bullock

Most of the people who are still looking good in their forties and  fifties that I know are those who have been practicing the healthy lifestyle- be it the new age regime of eating raw foods or fanatically practicing yoga. But most definitely, they do embrace a healthy enthusiasm for life. They have lived through life’s many charades and challenges, they carry their eye bags with as much pride as their LVs. They live their lives in the moment. The future is to be celebrated.They are confident and enjoy a new lease of life that they could not fathom in their thirties or even forties. They are almost bursting at the seams with youthfulness. When I first heard the word “youthing”, I thought it was a little desperate. But recently I have had a change of heart. I am, lets face it in my forties, there I have said it. And yes, sometimes I do feel a little desperate about the fact that my knees creak as I prance around my not so mini miniskirt; the cute freckles are really pigmentation and soon will be full scale melasma. Don’t even get me started on the laugh lines. But as Monica Belluci said, “True sexiness is in the mind and the imagination, not in the age of the body..” in an interview with The Guardian for the new James Bond movie, Spectre.

monica belluci in Spectre, Daniel Craige\

‘But what to do about the changes in my physical body because I definitely don’t feel middle age, mentally and emotionally. So I decided to  embrace my age and brace for the inevitable journey of life. But from an angle of, what if I could live my life again. So,  I am going to be doing things I would be scared shitless for fear of peer and parental disapproval when younger like dating Daniel Craig (in my dreams). But most importantly to take care of myself and to treasure myself the way I never did before. I listen to good advise about eating healthy. I dress up more but not because I care for approval but more because I consciously dress to make myself happy. I dare to express my inner Carrie Bradshaw but for me. I take care of my skin because it was just one of those things you make so many mistakes from stubbornness and ignorance. I realize that when I take care of my skin is because I love me. It’s not just to look good but to feel good. I now know what I eat is my result in life. I still can’t say I really like the word “youthing” because I am prejudiced that it was probably coined by some overly enthusiastic new aged wordsmith as a positive reinforcement  as opposed to “anti – ageing” for some marketing ad.

As I am older and wiser (sometimes) but most definitely more allowing, I think – anti ageing, youthing it’s just a matter of semantics. The most important is to live fully and gracefully. But I have to say, as we get older, everything is an investment of time and wisdom. It does take a little effort. So a little help here and there won’t hurt. And it’s never too late to start.

So for your life’s journey,we have tried tried, tested and highly recommend these products below :

1) Melvita’s Face Care Firming Argan Oil 

We love facial oils and this one from Melvita’s tops it for us.

It is made from Melvita’s fairtrade sourced Argan seeds’, Argan Oil with added Amino acids. Yesss, it really does firm up skin. Yet, so light and easily absorbed with light citrusy scent. It works wonders, easy to use even in our weather during the day. It is light enough as a first base before applying moisturizer. It will give you a lift for sure.

melvita froming argan oil

2) Swiss Line’s  Cell Shock Overnight “V” Mask To Reshape and Redesign

Is it the KPop phenomenon? But suddenly Vshaped faces are all the rage, I think they used to be called “kuaci” shaped or heart shaped. Every one wants to be the next Fan Bing Bing. Oh my God, did you watch her in Empress Wu series, call me delirious but I think half the women of the world wanted to be just like her. Her delicate features framed by a  “V” jawline just makes her so alluring. And so Swiss Lines’  Cell Shock Overnight “V” Mask,revolutionary yet again in its innovation has made it easy and much more affordable.  It sculpts whilst taking care of skin’s daily needs. It is a two step process. It  has the  Sculpting Patch Mask and The Lifting Infusion Mask. Swiss Line’s  exclusive signature ingredient, Cellatel 2 Complex, which is world renowned  for cellular turnover  and a V Slimming Complex (consisting of Ginkgo and Bitcher Broom). A Collagen Chrono Protector is also worked in to the product to provide added elasticity and compactness of tissues along the jaw line and under skin. It is convenient to use since it is a leave on overnight masque. You just have to massage in with the method that they recommend and leave on. Now you don’t have to go under the knife to attain that same feminine appeal like  your favorite K pop actress. Retailed at RM768, it is available at Cheerful Beautiques and Energy Day Spa. No fear of  surgery gone wrong and and your facial nerves shorn off in the process.




3) Bio Oil

So whilst we have introduced to you some really revolutionary products to enhance your youth, one must not forget the good ol’ Vitamin E. Bio Oil has come up with an easy to use oil for your face and your body. It really moisturizes and helps get rid of wrinkles and stretch marks. It is easy to apply as Bio Oil has their trademark Purallin Oil added to the usually thick pure Vitamin Oil. It glides on like a dream on your skin and I love it for my body and often neglect part of my new life.Yes, baby soft skin? Possibly…


Enjoy the journey ladies, life is to be lived…!! Wait for me Daniel…

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