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This delicious and healthy Dried Fruit and Nut Loaf is wonderfully moist and full of dried fruits and nuts. This Irish soda bread contains the traditional buttermilk and baking soda, but adds cranberries & apricots instead of the usual currants.

Dried fruit bread recipe Dried fruit bread recipe Dried fruit bread recipe Dried fruit bread recipe

Dried fruit bread recipe

Dried fruit bread recipe

A wonderful selection of homemade biscotti recipes.

Dried fruit bread recipe

Quick bread recipes - delicious sweet quick breads include banana bread recipes, cranberry bread, raisin bread, and many more.

Dried fruit bread recipe

This is the closest I have come to the recipe that I am looking for.. you can change the dried fruits and nuts to suit your tastes....as long as you keep the amounts to 3 cups dried fruits and 3 cups of nuts... I will add some Brazil nuts.. this recipe and the photo are courtesy of Joy of Baking.

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An orange apple quick bread recipe with raisins and nuts. Jean Anderson in her wonderful book 'The American Century Cookbook' tells us that while recipes for biscuits, scones, muffins, and waffles appear in the 19th century, recipes for fruit breads and loaves seem to be a 20th century invention. Apricot Orange Bread This quick bread recipe makes two loaves. Quick Bread Recipes - Easy Sweet Breads for Breakfast Home Food & Drink Southern Food Southern Food Search Southern Food Easy Recipes Classic Dishes Holiday/Seasonal Filed In: Bread Recipes Quick BreadRecipes Quick bread recipes include banana bread recipes, date nut breads, pumpkin bread, and many more. Servings - Search for More Healthy Recipes Favorites Only Quick Recipes Only Need more options?

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Your report of abuse has been received and will be reviewed. Use raisins or dates in this delightful raisin bread, a quick bread recipe. Tea and coffee make a nice accompaniment. A part of The New York Times Company. Sugar is a tenderizer, and egg yolks make for a moister cake than egg whites, which can have a drying effect.

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Also, if you put parchment under biscuits and cookies you don't have to wash the sheet. Ladybugmarie, I don't know if you are still reading about persimmon cakes, but I would advise (as per quick bread advice) that you blend your pulp along with all the liquid items thoroughly. What I do is wrap up bread in thin cloth, then I wrap in plastic wrap or tin foil, then refrigerate until its cold, then I unwrap it and replace the cloth with a dry one and rewrap with plastic or tin foil and freeze. I'm making zucchini bread and sometimes it rises up the sides of the pan while the middle does not. Every year I make persimmon bread and have used several recipes.